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Any company or individual that supports the Foundation with their services, or assists the Foundation in a recognised capacity to include spreading the word on the cause will become an Ambassador of the Foundation if they so choose when offered.  All formal offers to become an ambassador of the Exeter Foundation will be at the discretion of the Trustees. 

Ambassador’s of the Foundation will be published on the Foundation website, and in all event publication brochures for the annual presentation dinner for the Foundation.


The reason the Foundation wishes to recognise Ambassadors and the efforts to which they go to in spreading the word of the cause, is because it applauds all who have the same outlook and share support for the uniqueness of the foundation.  Local supporters are in the knowledge that they are supporting numerous local charities and / or specific local civic projects.  It also champions the fact that not all support is via monetary donations, and that all support – not matter to what extent, will allow the Foundation to strive in meeting its mission.